Avoid Random Acts of Marketing

So far, marketing investment has proven risky.

Watch the webinar to see how you can move from 'marketing by accident' to a strategy and plan you trust.

Need to Reduce the Waste & Risk in Your Marketing?

Meet Ilene Rosenthal

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Random acts of marketing: that's what happens when business leaders know they need marketing, but the risks are real.
I'm with you. After 25 years working with enterprise businesses and brands, you need air cover to make the right marketing investment decisions.
If you run a company with topline revenue, I want to help you build a roadmap that focuses marketing where you need it most. And nothing else. 
As a cost center, it's hard to look at marketing as a necessity when you have other investment requirements. If you've found yourself buying marketing services before you have a strategy, you're putting hard-won resources at risk.
As the saying goes, "It's hard to see the label when you're inside the jar."
The Strategy Lab can help you build the growth plan you need - not on your own - but with guidelines, training, and tools to make it happen.