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10 Step Checklist for Your Website Redesign

Transform your website into an inbound marketing hub.

10-step-checklist-website-redesign-coverYour website should be your company’s best sales person. It should attract visitors and convert them to sales-ready leads. When planning for the redesign, keep your end user in mind and think about all the potential opportunities to conversion. While the “design” of your website is important, ease of use and functionality is essential to keep your visitors engaged and aware of the value you bring to them. Remember, a website is not a silo. Its integration with other functions such as social media, email marketing, lead generation, and sales strategies is critical.

In this ebook, you’ll learn to:

  • Determine the role of your website and set goals
  • Benchmark your existing site traffic to determine realistic metrics for success
  • Develop content that attracts the right traffic and leads
  • Craft website content based on customer needs

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