No more random acts of marketing. 

Build a strategy you can start implementing tomorrow.

Here’s how it works:

1. Discovery: Your brief, our questions

  • Review your business objectives and revenue targets 
  • Summarize past marketing initiatives to date; channels and results
  • Understand your audience personas; how they're different and how they're alike; and how you solve their most pressing problems 
2. Audit: Isolate challenges and gaps 
  • Your website
  • Your messaging
  • Your inventory of content and resources

3. Strategy:  Point marketing directly at your business objectives

4. The Plan: Identify tactics that support the strategy - and only the strategy

  • Customer-focused messaging
  • The approximate costs for maintaining monthly momentum to make sure the plan is realistic and actionable
  • Key performance indicators for success
  • Sales funnels that move prospects through the pipeline to deliver the return you need

5. Action: We’ll produce a task list that identifies responsibilities and timing. Implement on your own, or hire us to help. 

6. Implement: 

  • Content development
  • Email campaigns
  • Digital campaigns
  • Advertising
  • Sales enablement materials
  • Video and broadcast production
  • Inbound marketing campaigns
  • Social media campaigns

Book a strategy session to turn your marketing wish list into action. 

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